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SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Center (SEAMOLEC) is one of the Center under the auspices of Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization (SEAMEO) dealing with research and development, training, information and technology exchange, sharing expertise and resource within and outside the region in the field of open and distance learning (ODL).

The Center was established on 27 February 1997 and located in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

For more than one decade, SEAMOLEC has been assisting the SEAMEO Member Countries to find Alternative solution to enhance the quality of its people through open and distance learning (ODL).

With the effective implementation of ODL, SEAMOLEC believes it will open up opportunities and access to quality education for everyone in the region.


  1. Training/Workshop on ODL System, ICT, Moduls, Writing, etc. (
  2. Research and Development on ODL.
  3. Information Sharing on ODL (Southeast Asian Journal, Monograph, Website, Seminar, etc).
  4. Consulting Services on ODL Capacity Building
  5. Southeast Asian Education Network/SEA EduNet (
  6. JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) ASEAN Research Center (
  7. Distance Learning Program for Masters Degree in Digital Media and Game Technology
  8. Community Involvement Program
  9. Partnership Indonesian and Southeast Asian Schools
  10. E-Learning (
  11. SEAMLESS education (the program of higher education for all (HEFA) (
  12. SEAMOLEC Multistudio

SEAMEO Membership

  1. SEAMEO Member Countries:

    Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.

  2. SEAMEO Associate Member:

    Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Spain.





Responsiveness and Relevance

Effectiveness and Efficiency


Vission : center of expertise in open and distance learning

Mission: To assist SEAMEO Member Countries in identifying education problems and finding alternative solutions for sustainable human resource development through the dissemination and effective use of open distance learning.


  • Web-based Courseware Development using LMS (Moodle)
  • ODL Capacity Building
  • Self-learning Materials Development (SLMD)
  • Developing mobile learning material and mobile game (JENI)
  • Developing learning material in a video streaming format using SEAMOLEC Multi Studio (SMS)
  • Developing test for self-learning
  • ICT-Based learning for Teachers/Integrating IT into Classroom
  • IT Networking through System SEA Edunet

Research & Development

   SEAMOLEC is experienced in conducting basic and applied research. We are specialized research and development in the ODL areas.

Information & Technology Development

  1. SEA Edunet

    South East Asia Education Network (SEAEduNet) is a network that links between educational institutions in Southeast Asia as well as a network providing repository of learning materials for SEA citizen to share knowledge, ideas and best practices that has been enriched with ideas and programs among SEAMEO member countries.


    SEADLE is an electronic instructional materials based on the application PORTABLE Moodle (Poodle) for the usefull of teaching and learning process.

  3. SEA Cyberclass

    SEA Cyberclass is a semi-online and mass evaluation system for prepring High School students to face the final national examination. For more information please log on to

  4. SEAMOLEC Multi Studio (SMS)

    SMS is a learning materials development using multimedia technology and the materials are in video streaming format.

  5. Schools Partnership

    Schools partnership is a program to build collaboration between schools in Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries, and other SEAMEO associate member countries.

  6. SEAMLESS Education Program

    SEAMLESS Education is a program of SEAMOLEC which designed for extending one year course for vocational high schools and senior high schools graduates at their own side to be on par with Diploma-1 or one year course of university.

  7. JARC (JENI Asean Research Center)

    JARC is an integrated service for students and society in all ASEAN countries, to learn, share, develop and produce applications based on Java Mobile, especially Mobile Game Based Learning.

Structure Organizations


Our Facilities

  • Building
  • Library
  • Computer Laboratorium
  • Video conference equipment
  • Mini Studio
  • 3 class room
  • Meeting rooms

Thank You


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